Are Truck Tire Spikes Actually Dangerous?

Are Truck Tire Spikes Actually Dangerous?

While travelling on the highway you must have seen trucks with wheels that have a cluster of shiny metal spikes on them. These tire spikes are actually lug nut covers. These spikes sure grab your attention as they look good but they are also intimidating.

In this blog we will be telling you if these spikes are dangerous to the other vehicles on the road or not, what is their use and what they really are.

What is the Use of the Tire Spikes?

It might seem like the tire spikes are more of a show-off than anything else but you will be surprised to find out that these spikes do serve a practical purpose, which is that they are originally lug nut covers which protect the nuts from snow, water, debris, dust, etc. which could otherwise corrode or damage them.

Now you might wonder why the shape is that of a spike.

So, the spike shape of the lug nut covers is very effective in tossing off bits of ice, dust, mud and whatnot, making it very difficult for stubborn substances to build up on the spike and the lug nut beneath it.

Other than the factors mentioned above, the spikes on the wheels may also be used to:-

  • Encourage the other drivers on the road to give more space and room to the truck.
  • Look attractive as it adds a cooler appearance to the truck

Are Wheel Spikes Dangerous?

Seeing a big truck’s wheels with spikes getting closer and closer to your car can be very scary. But should you be worried and frightened at this moment?

Absolutely not!

Although the spikes on the wheels might appear threatening but there is almost no danger to the other cars that are driving beside it. The length of the spikes is only a few inches hence they cannot come in contact with another vehicle. In a rare case even if the spikes do come in contact with another vehicle, the weak material (Plastic or Aluminium) which is used in the manufacturing of the spikes will crumble and fall apart and your vehicle might just suffer a few light scratches.

Are the Truck Tire Spikes Illegal?

Truck tire spikes are not something against the law. Most of the spikes on the truck wheels are only say four to five inches long and will not reach over your bumper, rock slider, fender or running guard. It is however important that the truck owners and operators adhere to the rules and regulations and ensure that the tires and wheels of their rigs are used in their safest conditions.

How can a Truck Accident Attorney Help You?

Most of the Truck accidents that occur are preventable with little attention towards the important safety issues. It is believed that safer truckers can make the roadways much safer. At Siler & Ingber we hold negligent trucking owners, companies, manufacturers and operators accountable for any kind of negligence that would put human lives in danger or at risk. The team of Siler and Ingber has the best attorneys who will be glad to discuss the legal options that would be available to you and your family after an accident. Schedule a free consultation with the Siler & Ingber team today.

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