Are Children Safe in School Buses?

Are Children Safe in School Buses?

Going to school on public transport is a very common thing for children all over the world. While some prefer hailing a cab or taking the metro, there are a lot of students who like to avail the school bus service. This is simply because riding on a school bus is convenient for various reasons. For one, you do not have to worry about managing your daily transport. Secondly, the expense of school bus service is fixed. So, parents do not have to stress about paying more than they can afford. The only cause of concern that has arisen in recent times is personal injury taking place due to negligence in and around school buses. Here are a few useful questions that can you help understand the safety of children in school buses in the best possible way:

Who is to be Blamed for a School Bus Mishap? 

In a situation wherein a child gets hurt on a school bus, parents can claim compensation for the medical expenses. Whether it is a mild accident or a life-threating scenario, the parties who can be responsible for it are:

  • School bus manufacturer in cases where technical issues in the vehicle caused the accident
  • School bus drivers who do not follow the rules set by the authorities efficiently
  • School authorities or any other party under contract to provide transportation to children
  • Vehicle service center where repairs and replacements of school buses take place
  • Government bodies responsible for maintaining roadways in a city

There have been unfortunate events that lead to permanent disability, long-term care, or even the death of a child in a school bus accident. Every parent in New York City has the legal right to claim compensation for their child’s damages. A reputed personal injury attorney should be consulted in this matter.

How are School Buses Made Safe for Children? 

Children going to school should be provided with a safe route and mode of transport. Keeping this in mind, there are efforts by the authorities to keep school buses safe:

  • Difference in Design 

The design of school buses can be easily distinguished from other buses operating in the city. Due to this reason, other drivers on the road remain cautious driving near a school bus.

  • Provision under the Law 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has developed strict laws that protect young children in school buses. All commercial passengers’ drivers must follow these protocols all at times. Along with this, people who are driving past a school bus or a stop also need to follow certain regulations.

  • Compulsory Seat Belts 

Children who are used to going to school on a bus know the importance of securing themselves with a seat belt. However, there can be some students who might not be aware of this rule. For this purpose, regular awareness talks, and events are organized by school authorities to re-iterate this necessary rule of keeping seat belts on.

  • Bus Stop Safety 

Waiting for the bus to arrive at a stop tests your patience immensely. But this does not mean that children or their parents do not maintain discipline at a bus stop. When the bus is at the curb, children should be standing at least three feet away. If children are too young to cross a street on their own, assistance should be given by the parents.

When a child suffers from a personal injury due to a school bus mishap, the parents have the legal right to claim medical expenses from the school authorities or any third-party transport company involved in the matter. In case you know someone, who has faced this legal issue, and requires the services of a school bus accident lawyer, they can reach out to our personal injury experts at Siler & Ingber on 516-294-2666.

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