Accident at a Construction Site – Trends, Causes, and Workers’ Rights

Accident at a Construction Site – Trends, Causes, and Workers’ Rights

Everywhere we look around, we see buildings and construction. As cities grow, so does the demand for infrastructure. But who builds buildings? It’s people among us who we see every day working hard in the heat and cold to make us dazzling offices and cozy homes. But do you know that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries!

In the United States, of the 5000 private-sector industry workers who die, 20% are in construction. Among various causes, the four most fatal are falling, being struck by an object, electrocution and being caught in two objects. Combined, these reasons account for nearly 60% of all construction-related deaths. However, many severe non-fatal injuries are also common at a construction site, of which, slips, trips, and falls are the most common.

Unfortunately, construction is one the most dangerous professions in New York as workers are at a higher risk as the death rate is more than five times the death rate of other workers in the city. But what is the reason for such high fatalities and severe injuries in New York? Here’s a sneak:

  1. A high number of falls -In 2015, the New York Committee for Occupational Health and Safety falls from height accounted 71% of all construction-related injuries. The top reasons for falls were scaffolds, ladder falls and falls from roofs.
  2. Not enough inspections – The inspections have not increased in proportion to the construction, rather they have reduced. This has also led to safety violations which puts workers at risk of injuries.
  3. Violations of safety protocols–Data on construction inspections by OSHA have shown that 66% sites had safety violations.
  4. Unskilled labor – As demand for labor is increasing due to massive construction in the city, the availability of skilled workers is thinning. Hence, contractors higher unskilled labor who are not familiar with the equipment, machinery etc. and become vulnerable to injuries.

Moreover, the reasons for such accidents to occur are also fairly common. These are mostly because of improper fall protection, ladder risks, power industrial trucks, hazardous communication standards among others.

The above statistics clearly show that owners and contractors are not doing what’s required to ensure that the workers are safe on the job. Moreover, while such risk is a part of the job of a construction worker, if something goes wrong, the consequences can be devastating – physically and mentally.

Remember, all workers have rights, including construction workers, especially when they are injured on the work site. These rights go beyond workers compensation and may include other financial compensation. A construction accident attorney can take a worker through them in case of any mishappening.

What are the Safety Requirements ? 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has clearly laid out the safety regulations for all construction sites. You can have a look at them here. If you think, that your construction site does not follow any of these safety norms, get in touch with our construction accident attorney today!

Moreover, New York also passed a construction safety bill in September 2017 which requires all workers and supervisors on building construction sites to get undergo safety training. If you think, your supervisor hasn’t gone through the training, reach out to our construction injury attorney.

Lastly, in New York, construction workers are protected under the New York Labor Law: Section 240. It refers to accidents due to falls from high locations, one of the most common causes of accidents on job sites. Section 240 indicates that workers have the right to protection from falls when they are working in high elevation. It also includes protections from injuries related to falls of objects from high locations. If you or someone you know had an accident, reach out to a construction accident attorney so that they can get you the fair compensation you deserve.

There’s More to a Construction Accident than Workers’comp !

There are several reasons to seek a settlement beyond what is usually awarded for workers comp. A worker’s comp payment for temporary disability or permanent disability is often very low and does not account for other factors, including pain and suffering or lost quality of life. In addition, workers comp does not hold negligent employers responsible. Some other instances where you need to look beyond the worker’s comp are:

  • If a contractor outside of your employer or a passerby caused the accident, you can hold them responsible.
  • You were injured as a result of an employer’s or coworker’s willful negligence or malice
  • You were injured by a defective product
  • You were injured via exposure to a toxic substance
  • Your employer does not carry workers comp insurance

Get what You’re owed 

To get everything you’re owed – for the tangible and intangible loss caused to you or your loved one – get in touch with our construction injury attorney today. They’ll help you out with your concern— be it against the employer, a product manufacturer, or someone else—so that you get every penny you’re owed.

Reach out to Siler & Ingber, LLP, call us on 1-877-529-4343 or contact us via our online form on this page to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a construction accident attorney.

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