10 Symptoms of Infant Spinal Cord Injury after Birth

10 Symptoms of Infant Spinal Cord Injury after Birth-min

10 Symptoms of Infant Spinal Cord Injury after Birth

At the time of birth, newborns can suffer some birth injuries which are caused due to medical negligence or malpractice. These injuries can have lifelong consequences which also include expensive medical care. Spinal cord injury in newborns is a kind of birth injury where the spinal cord of the baby is injured due to excessive traction or rotation/twisting of a baby’s trunk at the time of the delivery.  Misuse of instruments such as the forceps or vacuum extraction can be the cause of this injury.

If a physician tries to manipulate the position of the fetus very quickly then the baby is put at further risk of a spinal cord injury and the negligent doctor is the one to be blamed. If you believe that your child has suffered a spinal cord injury at the time of birth then you sure should reach out to an experienced birth injury lawyer who will help you out in weighing your options and would act on your behalf to secure rightful justice and compensation. 

Symptoms of Infant Spinal Cord Injury after Birth

During difficult birth scenarios, spinal cord injuries are likely to happen. These scenarios could be rotational stress on the spine during delivery, traction on the baby’s truck during a breech (where the bottom comes out first) delivery or hyperextension of the head in an abnormal birthing position. 

A Paediatrician must examine every newborn for any sign of birth injuries and differentiate them from congenital disabilities or congenital malformations. A child needs to be observed for some specific time after birth to rule out any kind of birth injuries or any health issues. In case a child has suffered a spinal cord injury, the symptoms may vary from mild benign signs to life-threatening ones.

The signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury may include:-

  • High-pitched Crying 
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Low Oxygen Levels
  • Inability to Move
  • Difficulty Suckling
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Extreme Drooling
  • Curled Hands & Feet
  • Lowered Heart Rate
  • Overall Fussiness

Newborns that suffer spinal cord injuries may be at a high risk of neurodevelopmental impairment and should be monitored very closely by a pediatrician, developmental-behavioral pediatrician, clinical and nursing staff. Some birth injuries cannot be stopped but in most cases, they can be prevented or their severity can be lessened with a careful and attentive approach of the medical practitioner. The best way in which a birth injury can be avoided is a proper evaluation of the position of the baby before the labor and delivery begin. 

Get Help from a Skilled Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries like spinal cord injury are usually caused due to the mistake of doctors or other medical staff. Infant injuries caused during delivery and labor can cause physical, emotional and financial burden on the parents. As a result of it, the family may seek compensation to cover the high costs of medical care and treatment. 

If you suspect that medical negligence at the time of delivery has contributed to a spinal injury to your newborn then get in touch with Siler & Ingber’s team of lawyers which have helped many parents obtain financial damages for the birth trauma caused to them and their child. Contact the team today to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation. 

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