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1. How were you injured?
2. When did the accident happen?
3. Was the accident your fault?
4. If you were in a motor vehicle accident, were you injured by a commercial vehicle?
5. If injured, what type of injury did you sustain?
6. Did the accident cause hospitalization or medical treatment?
7. Estimated medical bills?
8. Have you taken any action regarding your claim?
9. Where did the incident occur?


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Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

Personal Injuries due to someone else’s negligence are common. If you are someone who has been injured in a similar case, you may wish to know how much my injuries are worth.

There are several different factors that can help in determining a settlement amount for a personal injury case. Just by answering a few questions here, this calculator can calculate the approx settlement amount for you. This calculator is only the first step to deciding on a reasonable amount of money that you shall be accepting to give up your legal claim, after which you can talk to an attorney from the Siler & Ingber team who will study the details of your case before making any settlement demands from the responsible party. Through this page, you can use the settlement offer calculator free and also directly get in touch with the lawyers.

Calculating a settlement amount in your personal injury case can be quite tricky because there are certain components like the value of suffering and pain which are difficult to calculate, but this calculator has the capability to calculate the full value in your case, including the value of pain and suffering. This quality is what separates this free car accident settlement calculator from the others.

Car Accident Settlement Examples

After a victim has sustained some debilitating injuries in a car crash, or a construction accident etc, one of the biggest questions the victims have for their lawyers is how much should they expect from a future settlement. There is no specific answer to this question because numerous factors determine the amount you shall receive as compensation.

The factors that will be affecting your settlement amount are, the scope of personal injuries, the medical expenses you have incurred, the damage caused to the vehicle, loss of wages due to the injury and whether you can return to work in the future or not. The negligence of the person responsible for your injuries will also influence your claim.

You can use this calculator to not just calculate the settlement of a car accident injury but it can also be used as a workplace injury calculator, dog bite injury calculator, slip and fall injury calculator or for the calculation of settlement of any other kind of personal injuries.

Siler & Ingber law firm has fought several cases and have successfully recovered fair and just compensation for their clients. Using this simple and easy-to-use car accident settlement calculator near Queens, you can understand how much your injuries are worth.

 How can you Receive Maximum Compensation?


A qualified personal injury attorney can help you recover the maximum settlement available to you. After you have used our personal injury/car accident settlement calculator near Manhattan to understand what your claim may be worth, contact the team at Siler & Ingber to obtain legal representation from the best lawyers who you can trust. Get in touch today or contact online for a free evaluation.

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