Darkness Descends: The Terrifying Truth Behind Driving During the Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a rare celestial event will captivate the skies across North America: A Solar Eclipse. While this cosmic spectacle promises awe and wonder, it also brings unique challenges, particularly concerning automobile safety and may lead to an increase in automobile accidents. Increased Traffic and Distractions: Solar Eclipses draw countless spectators eager to […]

Navigating the Hidden Dangers of Charter Buses: Your Safety Matters

Dangers of Charter Buses

Charter buses are a popular mode of transportation for various purposes, from school trips and corporate outings to family vacations. However, beneath their veneer of convenience lies a hidden danger that can shatter lives – charter bus accidents. In this blog, we’ll delve into the safety concerns surrounding charter buses, explore the frequency of accidents, […]

Is Your Employer Taking the Necessary Steps to Reduce Lead Exposure at Your Construction Site?

Construction sites are dynamic environments that present numerous challenges, one of which is the potential for lead exposure. While lead-based paints and materials were once commonly used in construction, they are now recognized as significant health hazards. As a worker in the construction industry, your safety and well-being should be a top priority. Here we’ll […]

New York’s Construction Accident Statute of Limitations

Construction accidents in New York are subject to the statute of limitations. Working in the construction industry is a hazardous job. Employers must comply with local, state and federal laws to ensure the safety of their employees. If you’ve ever been injured in a construction accident on the job, you know that compensation may not […]

The Hazards of Black Ice While Driving

Drivers should be well aware of the necessity of checking the conditions on the road while driving. The majority of the time, drivers can see possible hazards and can easily avoid them. However, there are times in which the driver may not spot an approaching danger. Tragically, this can occur during winter weather with black […]

Reasons Why You Should Love Siler & Ingber Accident Injury Attorneys

Today is Love Your Lawyer Day! Here are a few reasons why you should love your favorite Long Island Personal Injury Law Firm. We Are a Cheap Date Siler & Ingber firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance at fair legal representation regardless of their financial status, especially if they’re a victim of an accident […]

Preparedness, Precaution and Personal Injury During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in New York began on June 1st and lasts until November 3oth. From summer to fall, weather conditions become ripe for storms to begin brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes thrive on warm ocean water temperatures (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and cooler air temperatures, which then combine to create convection easier. Being in […]