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Siler & Ingber Opioid Awareness Scholarship

More people died from an opioid overdose in Nassau and Suffolk counties in 2017 than ever before, contributing to the Nationwide opioid epidemic. The attorneys at Siler & Ingber, LLP, have partnered with the Rabinowitz Family Foundation to offer a scholarship to a student who has been affected by the opioid crisis.

In 2018 we received so many scholarship applications that this we decided to give out multiple scholarships in 2019. We will have an official announcement for how many scholarships will be offered in the coming months.

The 2019 scholarship application process is now open!

In order to apply for the $5,000 educational scholarship available to high school seniors and college students, applicants will be asked to write an essay describing how the opioid epidemic has made an impact on their lives and how they plan to use their education to fight the epidemic. The scholarship serves two important purposes: 1) to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and inspire others to make a difference, and 2) to empower those who have been impacted to produce real change in the world.

The opioid crisis takes seven Americans every hour, and those statistics increase every year (and have been increasing every year since 2010). Fentanyl and heroin are largely responsible for the fatalities, taking lives due to both overdose and complications associated with long-term use. Lawmakers and hospitals are taking action, developing programs to decrease the use of prescription painkillers and increase the availability and affordability of naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose on opioids, but more intervention is needed.

The scholarship is open to current college and high school students who have both been impacted by the epidemic and plan to use their education to battle the opioid crisis.


2018 Scholarship Winner Kevin Drucker

Kevin Drucker, a 2018 graduate of Bethpage Senior High School, was the winner of the 2018 $5,000 Opioid Awareness Scholarship sponsored by Siler & Ingber, LLP in partnership with Rabinowitz Charitable Foundation (RCF).

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