Who is Responsible for Shopping Mall Injuries?

Shopping Mall Injuries

Who is Responsible for Shopping Mall Injuries?

Shopping Malls are a fad for many. You can easily get anything and everything from here, be it a last-minute gift for someone, a quick bite, an elaborate fancy meal, groceries, the fanciest clothes, footwear and much more. It’s basically a place that can be enjoyed with family or even friends. The shopping malls are considered so much fun that not even a single person thinks of the dangers and risks of injuries that a shopping mall can pose. 

 Malls are full of people, the floor is smooth, polished and any kind of liquid on it makes it more slippery than ever. The elevators and rugs can pose tripping hazards if they are not maintained, there are countless potential hazards in a busy setting of a shopping mall which can cause severe injuries. Malls need regular maintenance so that the customers can be kept safe from any kind of injury or harm.  In case the owner of the property is negligent and fails to take any action to prevent these harmful scenarios and someone gets hurt, then the victim has every right to bring a claim against the party that was negligent. 

Injury in a mall can be very frustrating. You are out having fun shopping but all of a sudden your whole world collapses because you’ve injured yourself severely in the shopping mall, that too because of the irresponsibility of someone else.  

Who is liable for an accident at a Shopping Mall?

It is the large corporations that usually own shopping malls. These corporations earn their profits by leasing the spaces to brands, restaurants, boutiques, departmental stores etc. It is the responsibility of the individual stores to take care of the cleanliness and the safety of their customers in their dedicated areas. The maintenance of the common areas such as the escalators, lifts and public restrooms are the responsibility of the mall management. 

If a guest has suffered an injury on the property of the owner, in that case the property owner is usually liable for the injuries. After the incident, it is important to report it to the mall security and take photographs of the injuries. Regardless of the severity of the injury one must go to the doctor and get a copy of their medical report from the doctor.  On getting injured at the shopping mall you are entitled to fair compensation which you can claim by providing proper proof of the injury caused due to the negligence of someone else, medical bills, future medical care expenses, lost wages, emotional and mental suffering. 

If you believe that the owner of the shop at the mall or the mall management have failed in their duty of maintaining the safety of the premises, then they could be liable for your injuries. A personal injury attorney team like that at Siler & Ingber can be of great help to you. Once you get in touch with them all the legal hassles are theirs. You just have to concentrate on your recovery. 

Call Siler & Ingber attorneys for any kind of personal injury claims.

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