Who is Liable for your Golf Cart Injuries?

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Who is Liable for your Golf Cart Injuries?

Hello there Golf Cart Users, please be warned that the zippy means of transport is not as safe as you thought it to be. The Golf Cart that was once only used and limited to the golf courses is now being used everywhere which has increased the risk of getting injured for the driver as well as the passengers of all age groups. The golf cart is especially not safe for the kids and the older adults. 

Why is a Golf Cart Unsafe?

A golf cart is unsafe because it lacks various safety features like the doors, lights, mirrors and most importantly the safety belts. Golf carts are meant to be for the golf course only but they are now being used at airports, malls, schools, factories, neighborhoods etc. The injuries that occur due to golf carts can range from bruises, strains, fractures and even traumatic brain injuries. Some injuries can even be fatal. Even after so many injuries have been reported, there have been absolutely no meaningful changes that have been made in the golf cart design so that it is safer to be driven in. 

Who is held responsible for your injuries when in a Golf Cart?

  • When you are in a rented golf cart

If you were sitting in a golf cart and you get injured then in certain circumstances the golf cart operator may be responsible for your injuries. Those circumstances could be:-

  • Driving while on drugs
  • Driving intoxicated
  • Driving too fast
  • Making dangerous manoeuvres
  • Not giving way to pedestrians, scooters, bicycles etc. 

In addition or instead of the negligent driver the golf cart owner too may be liable for your injuries.  

  • Injuries / Death due to defected Golf Cart

In case the cart is defective which caused the passengers or the driver serious injuries, in such a case the manufacturer is responsible for a defect that is present in the original condition of the golf cart. On the other hand, if the defect is caused due to ill-maintenance or mechanical work done after the purchase then other parties such as the golf cart salesperson, golf cart owner or the mechanic could be liable. 

  • Injuries if the golf cart collides with a Motor Vehicle

Golf cart drivers, as well as motor vehicle drivers, are both required to follow the rules when on the road. In case these two kinds of vehicles collide, the party that has been negligent will be liable. 

A golf cart seems like a safe means of transport but it is actually very unsafe. It is important that everyone exercises safety while riding or driving the golf cart. If the golf cart owner can add safety features like seatbelts then nothing like it. 

Take legal Help

Getting injured in a golf cart accident can be traumatizing for many. In case you have been in a golf cart accident and are unable to figure out whose fault it is then we have your back. Siler & Ingber team of attorney’s have successfully recovered money for people who have been injured in golf cart crashes throughout New York City. Delaying won’t help so get in touch today for a free evaluation of your case.

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