What You Need to Do if You Fall in a Parking Lot?

Fall in a Parking Lot

What You Need to Do if You Fall in a Parking Lot?

A parking lot is a place where you can park your car. Parking lots are at a lot of places such as the offices, schools, airports, malls etc. While being highly useful and convenient, these parking spaces serve as a ground for a lot of injuries. These places are highly dangerous as many slip and fall incidents take place in the parking lots. These fall accidents are often caused due to the poor maintenance or the poor design of the parking area.  A lot of accidents occur due to slippery surfaces which are caused due to substances like oil & grease, uneven pavements, potholes, cracked or damaged wheel stops or even poor lighting in the parking space. 

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time but if you have hurt yourself in an accident in a parking lot which was caused due to someone else’s negligence, this means that you are eligible for compensation. 

Injuries caused after a slip or fall in the parking lot can be very serious. If you are someone who suffered a fall in the parking space then we have a list of steps that you should take to help you protect your legal rights and also to maximize your chance of recovering a full claim from the person responsible for your injuries. 

Let’s have a look at the steps that you should follow after the accident:-

  • Take a Photograph of the scene

Taking a picture of the scene where you fell makes your case stronger. Pictures are a good way to show what the real situation was when you were injured and what caused it. 

  • Record even the minutest details about the accident

Record all the details of the incident as soon as you possibly can such as the time, date, conditions that led to your fall and also the medical symptoms you were experiencing at that time. 

  • Call the local law enforcement and report the accident

After such an incident you should always get in touch with the police and get your accident reported as this will be helpful in starting a paper trail. 

  • Get a copy of the police report

A copy of the police report is very important hence ask for it once you have reported your accident

  • Inform about the accident to the property manager

Find out who is responsible for the maintenance of the parking lot or who could have caused the accident. Let them know about the accident that happened on their property immediately after the occurrence. 

  •  Get witness information

If there was anyone who witnessed your fall then it is essential that you get their details such as their name, address and phone number. Someone testifying about your fall injury can make your case stronger. 

  • Seek Medical Help

It happens at times that a slip and fall injury might not be recognized immediately, therefore it is best you seek medical attention right away after the fall accident. Getting  prompt medical care can help prevent greater injuries and also assist in your claim. 

  • Get in touch with a slip & fall lawyer

Almost immediately you should get in touch with a slip and fall attorney. An attorney can gather all the necessary and vital information for your claim. 

It would be best if you get in contact with the Siler & Ingber team of attorneys who have immense experience in dealing with such fall accidents in the parking lot. Also, for any other kind of personal injury, they are your best bet. They will go out of the way to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve for someone else’s carelessness and negligence.  Contact Siler & Ingber team of attorneys for more information and a free evaluation of your case.

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