Types of Premises Cases

Types of Premises Cases

There must have been times that you got yourself injured while you were at a grocery store, went to the mall for shopping, visited someone at the hospital etc. Did you know that you can claim compensation after such injuries? 

‘Premises liability’ is a law in New York that deals with injuries occurred due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. This law means that the building owner has failed in his/her duty to keep the property safe for guests, visitors and residents. If you or someone known has been injured due to the hidden dangers on the premises of someone else’s home, at work, in a store, or anywhere else, you should talk to an attorney today. 

Types of Accidents on Dangerous Premises

The property owners owe it to the visitors or guests that their building and land are free from any kind of dangers. They are expected to check their property and review it for any kind of potential dangers. In case a danger is found by them, they need to either get it repaired or warn the guests to watch out for the danger. If they are negligent and you end up getting injured you shall be compensated for the wages missed because of the injury, medical expenses and even direct compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Let’s have a look at a few types of premises cases:-

  • Stairway Accidents

A lot of stairway injuries happen due to broken or wobbly handrails or uneven stairs. A damaged step can cause a person to trip or snag their foot on the edge. This kind of a sudden fall can cause severe injuries. There are accidents that occur due to railings on the staircases as well. Broken or weak railings can cause a fall from multiple stories which could lead to dangerous injuries; in worst cases, it can even be fatal. 

  • Sharp, Broken or Falling Objects

Broken doorknobs, broken glass windows, collapsing chairs, etc can cause severe injuries. Sometimes you might also get injured by a sharp falling object that can cause deep cuts located in sensitive areas such as the face or near a vein or an artery. 

  • Slippery and Wet Floors

You must have often come across those yellow signs in airport bathrooms or in malls or grocery stores that warn of wet floors. These signs are put so that guests are careful and do not end up slipping on the wet floor. Slip or fall on the wet floor can cause back or spine injuries and if at all you hit your head on the floor, you might even suffer from traumatic brain injury. Spilled drinks in bars or in restaurants are also responsible for many injuries. In many cases where there are no caution signs or where the sign was poorly placed you may still sue the property owner. 

If you were injured due to the negligence in maintaining a property, you should not be the one paying for those medical bills. If you or someone in your known has been injured on someone else’s property, get in touch with the expert attorneys at Siler & Ingber. The Personal injury lawyers here will represent the injured victims in a lawsuit against the irresponsible land owners and others who caused the injuries and get you compensation through a premises liability lawsui

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