Top 10 Summer Accidents

Top 10 Summer Accidents

Top 10 Summer Accidents

Summers have finally arrived and the weather now is warm and the days are longer which gives many families the reason to get active outdoors. Although the different activities make summers very enjoyable and appealing but they can also increase the risk of injury if people are not cautious. Activity such as going to a cookout, swimming, going to the beach, etc can very quickly become unsafe situations that result in tragic injuries. These activities can be enjoyed by keeping all the safety tips in mind.  

The summer season is known as the ‘Trauma Season’ because with the outdoor fun comes more chances of getting activity-related injuries. Summer activities present more chances for concussions, bumps & bruises or even broken bones. Even though in the regular times the summer months do not come without risks, Siler & Ingber law firm wants you to be safe and have as much fun as possible this season. 

Here are the top 10 summer accidents you should save yourself from:-

  • Car Accidents

During the summer months, there are significantly more people taking road trips which makes car accidents far more common. Every year many are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents between Memorial Day & Labor Day. If you wish to save yourself from such incidents, always wear seat belts and avoid any kind of distractions when driving on the road. 

  • Bicycle Injuries

There are more bicycles on the road as soon as summers arrive. Bicyclists need to be extra cautious on the roads as they are at high risk of getting involved in a road accident. Those who get hurt in such a manner often suffer from head injuries, spinal fractures etc. 

  • Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip & fall accident can occur at any time, but the trip to water parks and spending more time outdoors during summers makes it a common summertime injury. Injuries caused by slip & fall accidents can be very serious. Majority of such accidents are unavoidable but at times they can be caused due to the carelessness of others. 

  • Swimming Injuries

Swimming is the most loved activity during the hot summer months, but getting injured while swimming is also seen often. Children should never be left unattended as they are more likely to drown, unlike adults who are also at risk in natural water bodies.

  • Burn Injuries

Summer is the time to go camping and light up a campfire, organize a barbeque party, light fireworks etc, but in all these activities you are in very close proximity to fire which can cause burn injuries. Burns can be really painful. Everyone should be extra cautious when around fire to avoid any kind of injuries. 

  • Heat-Related Illness

The heat from the sun during the summer months can be very dangerous if necessary precautions are not taken. Heatstroke is extremely common during the scorching months. It is important that you keep yourself & your loved ones well hydrated. Always opt for light-coloured and loose fir clothes during summers to avoid getting your body all heated up.  

  • Food Poisoning

As the temperature rises, food poisoning becomes more prevalent as the high temperature and humidity create an ideal condition for the bacteria to grow in the food. Whenever cooking food outside always be mindful and follow the food safety tips of cleaning, separating, cooking and chilling especially during summers.  

  • Injuries from Lawnmowers

House and garden maintenance is on everyone’s mind as soon as summers arrive. Many adults become victim of lawnmower accidents. Look out for branches and rocks and wear sandals when mowing the lawn. 

  • Insect Bites

Mosquitoes and other insects are all out during the summer months and it is important that you save yourself and your loved ones from any kind of insect bites because you never know how an individual’s body might react to it. Insect bites can even be fatal so be very careful when you head out to parks or forests for picnics and treks. 

  • Playground Injuries 

Playground accidents increase exponentially when the weather is nice and warm and all kids are out on the playgrounds. Kids need the supervision of their parents in playgrounds to avoid injuries. all parents should inspect the equipment prior to an activity to avoid injuries like concussions, head trauma, broken bones etc. 

If at all you are someone who got injured in a summer accident mentioned here in this article due to the negligence of another, you should get in touch with Siler & Ingber who can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. The legal team at Siler & Ingber is a team with great experience which expertises in such personal injury cases. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, call today!!

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