T- Bone Accidents – New York Lawyers

T- Bone Accidents

T- Bone Accidents – New York Lawyers

T- Bone accident occurs when the front end of one vehicle crashes into one side of the other vehicle. These two vehicles collide perpendicularly, resembling the letter T; hence it is called a T- Bone accident.  These kinds of accidents are also commonly called broadside or side-impact crashes. Accidents like these are often caused due to negligent actions or reckless driving and can result in severe injury or death. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries for which you will need the help of a car accident lawyer

How are T-Bone Crashes Extremely Dangerous?

 It is mostly at the intersections that the T-Bone accidents occur. It can often involve more than two vehicles as there is a high risk of a follow-up collision that can lead to further injury.  It is not very uncommon in T-Bone collisions to push the vehicles into the oncoming traffic, into guardrails, off the road or even into other structures. These kinds of collisions are deadlier than rear-end or head-on collisions. 

Another reason for such accidents/crashes being fatal is that the safety features on the side of the vehicle are fewer, making the passengers in the car particularly vulnerable to a catastrophic injury or death in a side impact. Many new vehicles now are equipped with side airbags but these airbags are not strong enough to withstand the forceful blow of a side collision. 

A T-Bone accident can change your life and leave you scarred for life in mere moments. Even a small injury can keep you in the hospital for a long, affecting your work life, finances, etc and causing a lot of pain, distress, and substantial medical expense. 

What should you do after the T-Bone Collision?

If you wish to file a claim with the car accident lawyer for your injuries in a T-Bone accident, you need to prove someone else’s negligence which requires strong evidence. The important information should be taken from the scene of the accident. The information should include:-

  • Time, date, and exact location of the collision. 
  • Details regarding the direction of your car and the lane you were driving in
  • Contact information of the other car driver with their car details.
  • Pictures of the scene, injuries if any, and any other property damage. 
  • Contact information of witnesses.
  • Traffic and weather conditions at the time of the collision. 

In the state of New York if you are even partly at fault, in that situation also you still have the right eligible for compensation. However, the damages may be reduced and will be based on your fault and actions that contributed to the accident. 

We Can Help

T-Bone Accidents can be traumatizing. At Siler & Ingber we make sure that you don’t have to bear the burden of filing a claim alone. Our Personal Injury Lawyer studies your case deliberately and ensures that a negligent driver compensates for your injuries and trauma. Our skilled team of attorneys has years of experience in dealing with similar cases. We totally understand how to litigate such matters and make certain that the other side treats you fairly. Schedule a free consultation with us today. 

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