Mistakes after an Auto Accident

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Mistakes after an Auto Accident

When you are injured in an auto accident, you under a lot of suffering, be it physical, emotional, mental or even financial. If the accident is due to the other person’s negligence then the law allows you to claim compensation for your suffering and the losses incurred during the accident. After the accident how you respond to the complete situation decides whether you will be able to receive a fair recovery of your damages or not. In most cases, victims make certain mistakes which prevent them from getting the compensation that they really deserve. You might be well aware of the things you need to do after an auto accident but what you might not know is what you should not do after an accident. 

Here are a few mistakes we have listed that you would want to avoid if you’ve been in an auto accident. These mistakes might just jeopardize your car crash claim and reduce the amount you could have recovered as compensation.

  • Not Seeking Medical Help

Immediate medical attention is important so that you can heal quickly and properly from your injuries. Also, going to a physician is vital as to document your injuries. The treatment you take from the doctor is a piece of evidence in your auto accident claim. Just saying that you got hurt is of no use in a lawsuit. Your injuries need to be verified by a doctor. Delay in visiting the doctor might make the negligent driver claim that you didn’t get hurt in the accident and the injuries you tell about later after the accident happened elsewhere. Visiting a doctor as soon as you can after the mishap will prevent such bogus claims. 

  • Not Approaching the Police

The report filed by the police can be of great value for your claim for recovery. The police officer that arrives at the scene might collect some valuable evidence that might be in your favour, which later can be used by your lawyers. Not calling the police might indicate that you are the one at fault for the crash. 

  • Accepting a Settlement Swiftly

The first settlement that comes from the other side is not usually the best. Most of the times the victim has already been through so much that they are tempted to resolve it quickly. If you pursue the case a little more there are chances that you will get a fair settlement. Hire a lawyer to handle all these settlements and you’ll be freer mentally and would be able to pay more attention to your recovery. 

  • Missing out Parts of the Story

Skipping parts of the whole crash can worsen things for you. The attorney you hire is your teammate and hiding anything from them will only take you away from recovering compensation from the other party. Honesty with your attorney is important, share all, good, bad, ugly with the lawyer so they can help you in the best possible way and prepare a strong case on your behalf.

         Get a Car Attorney’s Help!

   Auto accidents can be traumatizing and at any stage the car accident lawyers in new york can help you dodge errors. The sooner you get a lawyer involved in the case, the better it is as they can start work on your case and come up with the best possible decisions for your case. 

Siler & Ingber are brilliant lawyers who ensure they get you a fair settlement so that you can recover quickly from your injuries and carry on with your life. Avoid making these mistakes mentioned in the blog as they can lower your chance of getting the compensation you need to recover completely. With the team of Siler & Ingber, you can rest assured; your case is in good, experienced hands. For a free evaluation, get in touch.

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