How safe are your Local Playgrounds?

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How safe are your Local Playgrounds?

Playgrounds are a fun place for kids. Here they physically challenge themselves, get fresh air, make new friends, etc. Along with being an exciting place, the playgrounds are not very safe as they also present hidden dangers and risks. As parents, it is important that you make sure the playground your kids go to does not have improper surfaces and faulty equipment. 

Every year more than 200,000 kids are treated for playground injuries. Most of these injuries are severe. Some of these injuries could have been prevented with proper and careful supervision. Injuries in a playground occur when the kids are climbing, sliding or swinging. If a child falls while climbing the slide, the fall can be several feet from the ground. The injuries can even be caused due to loose or pointy objects in the equipment. 

These are the following injuries that are often seen in the playgrounds:

  • Scratches
  • Bruises
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Concussions or Head Injuries
  • Internal Injuries

 What causes Injuries in the Playground?

There are number of factors that lead to playground injuries. Let’s have a look at those factors which make playgrounds an injury-prone area. 

  • Failing to maintain or repair equipment in a timely manner

There are areas where the playgrounds are very old. Over time the play equipments if not maintained properly can rust and deteriorate due to the weather. The screws and bolts might come loose, the ropes become frail over time, sharp edges and nails might come out from places not visible with regular use of playground equipment.  All these factors make it even more important for the playgrounds to be maintained and inspected from time to time. 

  • Equipment Design Flaws

There are many playgrounds where the equipment design in itself is very unsafe. While installing equipments in the playgrounds the party responsible should consider the fact that the children would fall so why not install a soft falling surface which reduces the impact of falling. 

  • Inadequate Supervision

Kids do not realize their own limitations hence they have to be monitored and supervised constantly. This is one of the most essential factors that can prevent the kids from getting injured at the playground. Parents/adults should inspect each and every equipment to ensure it is safe for the kids to play on. The failure to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the child gives rise to a negligence claim in case a child is injured as a consequence of inadequate supervision. 

What is to be done in case a child is injured at a playground?

If your child or someone you know whose child has been injured in a private, public or school playground should immediately get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer. It is very likely that a childhood injury would negatively impact the mind of the kid so much that they may carry it for a long time, even into adulthood. 

Siler and Ingber team is qualified and dedicated. They shall represent your injured child and ensure that  fair compensation is received for their playground injuries. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case and to get the process started as soon as possible.

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