Falls from Ladder

Falls from Ladder

Falls from Ladder

The ladder is a useful piece of equipment but it is also one of the most dangerous things we tend to use daily in our lives. Ladders are used in homes, at construction sites, hospitals, malls, grocery stores etc. In workspaces like construction sites or stores, accidents that are related to ladders are a consistent source of worker injuries and fatalities. Every year thousands of workers are injured in ladder falls and hundreds are killed. Though dangers of ladder accidents are inevitable but such accidents can be avoided if proper safety measures are taken. 

Which is the Most Common kind of Ladder Accident?

According to ladder injury statistics, the most common kind of ladder accident in which people get majorly injured is a fall. A fall from any height be it even one or two feet can lead to head injuries and bone fractures. A fall from a greater height can even take away the life of the injured party. Sometimes the ladder is defected which makes the manufacturer responsible for the fall accident; hence the victim may happen to have the grounds for a product liability claim. If the fall is due to poor ladder maintenance or because of lack of repair & replacement then the employer is to be blamed and it is the employer who is liable in such a situation. Accidents such as ladder falls can inflict life-changing injuries on sufferers. 

Safety Measures to Avoid Ladder Falls

Ladder Falls can wreck your life forever. With proper climber training and attention to equipment, ladder fall accidents can be avoided. When using the ladder at home or at work, employing at a minimum the following safety measures can save you from all the pain and suffering. 

  • Avoid worn out or damaged ladders

The employers should make sure that they provide proper ladders that are not wobbly and are in a good condition. Once a ladder has exceeded its shelf life, it can cause falls. Always check for any dangers before you climb a ladder. 

  • Use the right kind of ladder

There are different kinds of ladders for different tasks. Every single ladder has certain weight limits which if crossed can make the ladder unstable or the ladder might even break because of the extra weight. Choosing the right ladder with the correct height and weight capacity for the task is what is advised to keep safe. 

  • Use & secure ladders properly

Ladders require a firm and a levelled ground. If the ground is soft or uneven, it can cause the ladder to become unstable and lead to the person falling. Always have a second person to support the base of a ladder if you are using it. 

Ladder fall accidents can be catastrophic. Misusing a ladder can cause deadly falls. It is important that the user understands and follows the basic safety techniques when using a ladder. 

Call an Attorney in case of a Workplace Ladder Fall

 A ladder fall can change your life forever. If you or someone you know has had a ladder fall at their workplace then all you got to do is call the Siler & Ingber team of attorneys who will help you file a case. Why should you pay for the negligence of someone else? Siler & Ingber will ensure you get maximum benefits from the person responsible for your injuries. For a free evaluation of your case, contact Siler & Ingber and rest assured that they will find a solution to your sufferings. 

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