Red Traffic Light means Stop – Do Not Run a Red Traffic Light

Do Not Run a Red Traffic Light

Red Traffic Light means Stop – Do Not Run a Red Traffic Light

Red Light collisions are the types of traffic accidents that can be easily prevented and are also the most common kind of accidents that happen in an intersection. The purpose of traffic lights or red lights is to manage traffic and keep the ones on the road safe. There are quite many drivers who adhere to the rules of red lights and stop at the traffic signals but there are also motor vehicle drivers who do not stop at the red light and end up causing serious injuries to others and sometimes even lead to fatalities. Typically it is the driver running the red light who is held responsible in this type of crash. 

Just about everyone has run a red light sometime or other. Skipping a stop light cannot just be hazardous for you but for others too. Don’t be a driver who disregards their own safety and also the safety of others on the road just because they are in a hurry to reach osomewhere. Most accidents occur when a driver speeds up to avoid stopping at the red light. Such accidents cause serious or even fatal injuries to both parties. 

Why do Drivers feel the Need to Skip a Red Light?

Drivers ignore the red light signal because they are:-

  • In a hurry or are impatient
  • Distracted by something or someone – like say a call or a text on the phone
  • Running late for an appointment or work
  • Driving intoxicated 
  • highly emotionally charged or angry and end up driving recklessly

     How dangerous is it when someone skips Red Light?

Maximum numbers of car collisions that occur at road intersections are usually caused because the driver did not stop at the red light. With the increasing crowds on the road, we are more dependent on the traffic lights to control the traffic at the intersections so that everyone is able to cross through safely. It will only take one mistake to cause a serious injury to the driver himself/herself and to others. 

Injuries suffered as a result of skipping Red Light 

Skipping a red traffic light can result in violet collisions because the vehicles involved are at a very high speed. These kinds of collisions result in major loss of property and severe personal injuries. Some of the common injuries that people suffer from after a red light crash include whiplash, neck, shoulder and back injuries. Multiple fractures are also possible along with brain and spinal cord injuries. 

An accident can be traumatizing and we understand that there will be medical expenses, loss of wages, etc which would put you in a tough financial position. Regardless of the reasons for running the red light, if you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident that was caused due to the negligence of another person, get in touch with Siler & Ingber. You can trust them to make certain that the driver does not go unpunished. The team of personal injury lawyers here ensure that justice is served and you receive the compensation that you rightfully and legally deserve. 

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