Construction Site Accidents – Measures to Prevent Them

Construction Site Accidents – Measures to Prevent Them

Construction Site Accidents – Measures to Prevent Them

Being a construction worker is a dangerous job. Every year thousands of people get injured or die in construction site accidents. It is impossible to control all unsafe conditions at a construction site but still, the employees, operators and property owners can take some preventive steps to prevent accidents at the sites where construction is on. Many of these accidents which happen are a result of someone’s careless action or negligence. When a person gets injured on a construction site, the injury could change their life forever. The victims end up paying high medical bills and even lose their pay from being out of work. 

There are some strict construction site safety rules and regulations which all companies must follow. If the companies fail to meet the safety regulations, then they may have to pay penalties that could range from heavy fines to even business closure. Also, in addition to all this, the construction company may have to face a lawsuit from the victims & pay out quite a lot of money as compensation for accident-related damages. 

Here we are listing some safety measures that can prevent building construction site accidents.

  • Develop Certain safety Protocols

Every construction company needs to develop its safety protocols. The employers need to make sure that these protocols are followed by each and every employee. Revise and periodically review them for improved safety. 

  • Put Clear Warning Signs

Sufficient signage should be put in places to warn of dangers and hazards on a construction site. To cordon off dangerous areas, the signs should be accompanied by cones, ropes and other equipments. 

  • Wearing Safety Gear

Even after taking all the safety measures, construction accidents can happen; hence it is important to wear personal protection gear that includes steel-toed shoes, hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, harness, etc. 

  • Provide Safety Training

Every employee should be made to undergo a safety training program before they begin work. For existing employees, there should be refresher courses from time to time which can help in the prevention of construction accidents

  • Maintenance of Equipments

Accidents involving equipments are very common on construction sites. It is important that regular maintenance of equipment is done so that the accidents involving equipments can be prevented. 

  • Breaks at regular Intervals

Regular breaks and lunch breaks are important and should be enforced. There are employees who work through the breaks to earn overtime or even to shorten their workday. However, failure to hydrate and without food the body goes into a state of fatigue which increases the risk of construction site accidents. 

  • Fall Protection

One of the most common causes of injury at a construction site is falling. Fall protection equipments should be mandatory for all employees working at a certain height. 

What can you do in case of a Construction Site Injury?

In most cases, the workers’ compensation insurance covers most construction site accidents. Still, there might be some accidents that result in an injury claim against a third party. There might be many claims that could apply, like the premises liability claim, product liability claims or even general negligence claim. 

Once you have taken medical help you should go to a personal injury lawyer at Siler and Ingber with whom you can discuss your legal rights and know the options for seeking compensation for your damages and injuries. Lawyers at Siler & Ingber are very experienced in handling all types of construction accident claims. For a free evaluation of your case, get in touch today!

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