Understanding the MV-104 Accident Report

The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires all drivers to file their own MV-104 accident report within any vehicular accident case involving over $1,000 of property damage to at least one of the parties, including yourself. Part of what makes the MV-104 accident report form so complicated is that everyone must file this […]

Unhappy With Your Lawyer? Here’s What to Do

Are you unhappy with the services you are receiving from your current lawyer? Did you know that you have the right to change lawyers at any point throughout your case? Just be sure to make careful steps when doing so. Like personal relationships, not all professional relationships last forever. The doctor you initially appreciated because […]

Fourth of July Backyard Safety

Don’t Let Your Summer Festivities Turn Tragic With this week following a holiday of fun festivities, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind. America’s birthday usually means the tradition of fireworks, road trips to the beach, and a barbecue celebration with family and friends. Although these activities are more than exciting and something […]