The Difference Between Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall

Falls remain one of the biggest causes of injuries and visits to the emergency departments across the United States. As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 800,000 people are hospitalized due to fall injuries every year in the country. Similarly, in New York, falls are the topmost reason for hospitalization among children, […]

How does Wet Conditions on Sidewalks and Pavement Contribute to Slip & fall accidents?

New York gets its fair share of rain and snow. This often leads to wet and slippery roads and sidewalks. Although wet weather doesn’t hinder our daily life, it can cause dangerous and slippery conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists in New York. Slippery conditions on wet sidewalks and pavement can cause catastrophic injuries. A slip […]

Your Go-To Guide for Slip & Fall Accidents

So, imagine this, you’re out with a few friends for a meal and you end up in a slip and fall accident injuring your leg, back or even your head. Unfortunately, such slip and fall injuries are more common than you think. Do you know that about 9 million visits to the emergency room every […]

Don’t Be A Victim of Winter!

In the wake of last week’s Blizzard Brody, bitter cold weather hazards in our region have posed an above average risk for sustaining slip and falll injuries. Snow and ice have been especially unforgiving to pedestrians in New York City, who are constantly rushing between sidewalks and buildings during their daily commutes. Falls are the […]