The most common slip and fall injuries

If you’re out and about either at someone’s house, at a restaurant, in the mall, or even on the sidewalk, your safety is paramount. The onus of the visitor’s safety lies on the owner or the person in-charge. However, if proper standards are not maintained then it can make one vulnerable to injuries, most often […]

Filing a Personal Injury Claim if You’re an Undocumented Immigrant

Undocumented immigrants are often under the impression that they have absolutely no legal rights in the United States. This is a huge misconception because immigration status does not impact a person’s ability to ask for settlement in case of a personal injury caused to them due to someone’s negligence. It’s important to know that the […]

Injuries at a Construction Site: All You Need to Know

The construction industry is one of the largest hiring sectors in the United States. However, a construction site is incomplete without two key components – equipment and manpower. It is important that the manpower engaged is well trained and qualified to work on a construction site and at the same time, the equipment is safe […]

Knowing the Status of Your Personal Injury Claim Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic put the world on a standstill. However, that cannot stop accidents and injuries to occur that put people’s lives at risk. In such a scenario, what does this mean for a personal injury claim. Moreover, if you have an ongoing personal injury claim, it is important to know the implications due to […]

Line of Duty Injuries – Police Officers, Firefighter, EMS/Paramedics

First responders, that is, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other emergency responders, put themselves at risk everyday to save lives of fellow New Yorkers who are in danger. These injuries can lead to long-term implications for their health as well as their employment. Some accidents and resultant injuries can leave them unable to do their […]

Shoulder Injuries: Things You Need to Know when Consulting a Lawyer

Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence in children and adults alike. It is so because the shoulders are one of the most moveable joints in the body, making them vulnerable to injuries. Statistics suggest that more than 7.5 million people seek medical care for a shoulder injury in the United States every year. Any sort […]

Bicycle Accident Lawsuits – All You Need to Know About Them

Bicycles have taken over as a preferred mode of transport for young and old alike. People now prefer to ditch their cars or the subway to use a bicycle to get to work/school, and at the same time get in some exercise.  However, riding bicycles has its risks attached. People become vulnerable to accidents which […]

Why are Ladders So Dangerous? A Worker’s Perspective

Ladders are fundamental and pertinent equipment at a worksite and are essential for any worker. However, falling from a ladder is one of the most common causes of injury among workers. These injuries can be severe, cause long-term physical or mental damage, and even be fatal. In fact, as per the Center for Disease and […]

Types of Damages You Can Get Compensated for in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can range from a minor scrape to something as severe as a head injury or even a permanent disability. In some cases, it can even be fatal. Often, personal injuries are an outcome of someone’s negligence, for instance, a car accident, a slip, and fall on someone’s property, etc.  In such a […]

Which Laws Govern Personal Injury Cases in New York?

New York witnesses several thousand personal injury lawsuits every year. But what is a personal injury? Simply put, it is an accident that causes physical or emotional harm to someone. It includes all types of injuries, except property damage. Essentially, whether you’re in a car accident, slip, and fall, or an accident on a worksite, […]