Have You Been in a Car Accident Due to Drunk Driving? Here’s All You Need to Know!

New York City is noted as being the most populated city in the US. High populations result in higher percentages of pedestrians, motor vehicles, and unfortunately, accidents. The New York City Police Department has noted that there were 7,733 reported collisions in January 2022. Among the contributing factors of injuries and collisions is driving under […]

The Timeline of a Car Accident Claim

In the United States as well as specifically in New York, car accident claims account for one of the highest numbers of personal injury claims. Car accident attorneys are busy settling one case after another ensuring that the victim gets due compensation and a settlement that is fair to the pain, trauma, suffering caused due […]

Five Types of Car & Truck Accident Damages You Should Know About

An accident caused due to someone negligence can cause a lot more than injuries. One of the most common accidents to occur in New York and its vicinity are motor vehicle accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, etc. The injuries sustained in such an accident can vary from mild to severe, but […]

Importance of a Witness in a Car Accident Claim

A car accident is often a result of someone’s negligence. In such a scenario, the victim is owed compensation for the injuries they’ve incurred as well as other long- and short-term damages. In order to receive fair compensation, evidence is pertinent in a car accident claim.  Evidence includes photographs, documentation such as medical bills, proof […]

What to do after if you’re in a Rear-End Collision Accident

When a front of a vehicle crashes another vehicle from the rear, it is called a rear-end collision. The extent of the accident can vary from a minor bruise to a totaled car/vehicle. Moreover, it can also cause minor to severe injuries. In such a case, you’re owed compensation for the injuries suffered and other […]

What to do if you’re involved in an Uber/Lyft Accident

Uber and Lyft have become a popular choice for people in New York. The convenience of riding in a comfortable car without the hassle of parking or navigating the crowd of a bus or subway is truly a boon for the city resident. What do numbers say? Available data suggests that Uber, Lyft, and other […]

What To Do After You’re In An Accident While Ride sharing

Ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have become the “go-to” choice for many New Yorkers. And, why not? They’re an easy, convenient, quick and feasible way to travel in a busy city without the hassle of going in a bus/train or parking your own vehicle. These ridesharing apps are responsible for millions of […]

An Overview of Car Accident Cases in Nassau County

New York and all its boroughs are witnessing a rise in car accident cases. However, the trends vary for every borough. Let us have a look at what happens in Nassau County with respect to car accidents. As per data released in 2018: A total of 40,306 car crashes were reported in Nassau County.  As […]

Here’s Why Pedestrian Accidents May Be on the Rise in the Near Future

As more people get vaccinated against COVID-19 and cities open up, the traffic will slowly come back on the roads. With businesses opening up and fewer restrictions, there is a potential risk or higher likelihood of accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians. At a time like this, as a pedestrian and a driver, it is […]

Accidents on a Sidewalk – Who is Responsible and What to Do?

In a busy city like New York, sidewalks are the whole and soul of pedestrians. Bustling streets, lots of traffic coupled with the fast pace of city life keeps side-walks crowded day and night. However, falls on sidewalks have also become a common cause of accidents, especially slip and fall. In fact, in some cases, […]