Distracted Driving – The Major Reason of Many Accident Injuries

The cars nowadays are becoming more and more digitally advanced with the passing of time. As interactive technology finds its way into the cars that we drive, the probability of getting distracted while driving increases. In New York the vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving injures hundreds and thousands each year and claims the lives […]

Head Injury Attorney in New York

Head Injuries are dangerous and should be taken very seriously as even a sub-concussive blow to the head or mild concussion can have long-lasting consequences. Injuries to the head can impact the mobility of the body and much of its functions. The mental abilities can also get affected after you’ve suffered a head injury. For […]

Hearing Loss from Construction Sites’ Noise Exposure – Check out the Stats

Construction sites and noisy and the ones working there are constantly exposed to loud machinery, crushing, drilling and banging sounds. It might be a usual thing for a construction worker, but as life progresses, you will start to notice that you are not able to hear certain sounds as well as you used to. In […]

How to Prove to Obtain Compensation from a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents that occur due to unsafe property conditions, may have a valid personal injury claim under the premises liability law. Your damages will depend on the condition and circumstances of your accident as well as the severity of your injuries and the overall effect that the injuries have on your life, career […]

With Spring Here, Bicycle and Pedestrian Knockdowns are Common

While spring is a beautiful season, it can also be very dangerous. During this season a lot of people get injured on the road. As the temperatures begin to rise, New Yorkers start spending more time outdoors, walking, jogging, biking, etc. Whilst you are enjoying these activities, it is important to be cautious. However, you […]

The Common Types of Construction Accidents

Every single day thousands of construction workers go to work without fail even after being well aware of the potential dangers that they may encounter during their course of duties. At the construction sites, there are heavy machineries, large objects and work at a dangerous height. One wrong move or a moment of negligence can […]

Types of Premises Cases

There must have been times that you got yourself injured while you were at a grocery store, went to the mall for shopping, visited someone at the hospital etc. Did you know that you can claim compensation after such injuries?  ‘Premises liability’ is a law in New York that deals with injuries occurred due to […]

Safety tips for Spring

Spring has sprung with full boom, the weather is nice and pleasant and everyone is setting out to enjoy their spring break. Each person is looking out to having great fun, but it takes very little time for a good time to turn into bad if you are not careful and adhere to some safety […]

Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault in a Truck Accident in New York?

Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault in a Truck Accident in New York

It is not always the truck drivers who are responsible for truck accidents that occur on the road. There may be many other reasons for an accident. It is at times that a truck driver sitting behind the wheel commits an error that leads to an accident, however, in other scenarios, the trucker might not […]